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Shelagh Gardiner

Almost 6 years ago I reached the state of grace known as retirment. Bliss. I started patchworking more than 20 years ago, using the paper piecing method as I quickly discovered that I couldn't cut a straight line or a square of fabric which matched exactly another square of fabric. I also went to embroidery and creative textiles classes at my local art school; learned about slashing and burning; ripped strips of fabric; drilled stitching holes into slate and stone; used BIG stitches - and generally revelled in this brave new world which was a world away from tablecloths and lazy daisy stitch. Hand stitching was always my first option, and throughout these years I continued with patchwork and quilting as well as a seemingly infinite variety of embroidery techniques.
Osteo arthritis visited me, and stayed. As a result, hand stitching is becoming more and more difficult, and so I'm now learning patchwork and quilting by machine. One day - maybe one day - I will achieve a standard of quilting which pleases me. Meanwhile ...
I became a QGBI member about 3 years ago. One of my better decisions. I have given a number of talks/demos about my work over the years (my failures always raise a titter), and I'm giving some thought to organising a gathering of some kind which will have as one of its objectives encouraging young people to become interested in textile arts and crafts.

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